Sunday, 8 April 2018

Arachnid Death Star Vs IKEA/ I Am Starfucker Star Child

A guided gloaming giant tarantula
Umbilically detached 
Sans the smart med pilot
Outreach mode ~ kinetic
Sweeps low over the cattle throng
Protesting occupation
Collective punishment
..moan moan and moan..

One difficult child tap-tapped
At eleven o' clock 
A thrill-seeking laser-threaded precision shot
The stencilled oriflamme crowd gathers
Scrambling and scrambled numb
As the pulsing pulsating arachnid disengages
executes a perfect descent and turn
behind a hill
and a city wall
Vanishes ~
A recharge a debrief
Another overtime shift completed
The work/life balance for protesters not so easy ~
Crashing pyramids of quality time..

The child ~
Now snapped in half 
Human MDF
Unlike IKEA
IDF ~ no returns..

Commercial break
A word from the sponsors ~
A back-with-the-weather spoiler alert ~
It might rain nuisance rain
Real nuisance rain
Oh it's important

So stick around she says..

I have a low attention threshold
So before I forget
That child's TV dinner-broadcast death
Was brought to you by..
A pizzeria
A weaving spider
a sentinel vehicle..


A shopping channel 
A garden gnome special
using authentic plastic injection moulds
Online-ordered TV garden gnomes ~
You get what you pay for no
I believe in keeping it real


A chat show host 
The fabulist Minerva
Way-shower offering gifts ~
Spiritual key-learnings
And occasionally free cars
Keys tacked below seats
The hostess muses
Everything happens for a reason
Everything happens for a reason..

She nods her head sagely
Tenderly agreeing with herself
Everything happens for a reason
Everything happens for a reason..


She continues purring..
It is The Plan..
.the biggest picture..
.something we must understand..
.yes understandunderstand..und r t  nd...nd rs  n ..d..

Seemingly cruel things happen u..el
Things matter yes they do yes..but..
All is made to make us..stronger..
Nothing random..truly is..after all..

Grand design..
Infinite purpose
Tough love tough..
Everything happens for a reason
.happens. for. a.

[dramatic pause]


Close ups/pan shots of milfs enlightened
Now in touch with themselves
Heads and hearts 
healed and reconnected
Their sentient Elvis selves
cosmic booty-call mentored
by the defenestrating yoga axe-wielder
Glassy eyed third eye
but let's not be cruel
Could be the fluoride..

Getting into her stride
The words she utters ~
as she bring herself to tears
She points to us
You know who you are now don't you ~
Unique cosmic fractals special
You. Us. All.
every. one. of. you.
Never. Forget. That.
It. Is. Your. Birth right. Right..
You are all ~ unique cosmic fractals special..

To be fair and thinking of it
I feel my beautificness
If that word isn't
well then it should be
I bathe in my uxorious I am presence
I know that innately I am..
Iiiiiii ahhmmmm..

Unique sentient cosmic and special..
I coarse through my being now
Every one is me
She's so right 
So on the money
So on the money
Almost uncanny..
Well I'm converted..

Now ~ 
That child shot in the head
Mustn't have cut the mustard
Perhaps its unique fractals a little outré
Bent out of shape
The faulty tragic toddler caved in
Called in ~ you're done kid..

Beyond repair
Now at one with everyone and thing
Apart from parents and friends and toy..

Well you don't get something for nothing
Not in this life not in the next ~
Cosmic tough love belts and braces..

And yes
I'll be the first to admit
It was sad
And yet ~ 
Don't get me wrong but..
Being shot dead by a drone
Has a certain something ~
A bleeding-edge novelty value
for the more discerning infotainment viewing consumer..

I shouldn't say that should I..
I ~ me myself and I..

But I have to ask
Despite myself ~ my new self in italics
my new self in italics
      my new self in italics
            my new self in italics

Should it have been broadcast ~
I mean the drone-on-child killy thing

Especially - my italics - especially before The Watershed
Won't someone please think of the children
Or me..

Another example as illustration
Swearing on TV ~

Don't broadcasters have the few seconds delay button now
Even the International Space Station
which broadcast live anciently
now enjoys a hefty twenty-minute delay
in case something inappropriate 
is caught on space ~
I dunno..

And that child shot in the head
Inappropriate for this time of day ~
That country an ally..

Everything happens for a reason
Everything happens for a reason..

It's sinking in
It's sinking in..
Yeah I'm really feeling this shit right now
Oh yeah..

The audience comforted applaud again
Shimmering fractal snowflakes all
Such kindness so rare
And yes yes it is all is so beautiful here
 Even with the unforgiving nuisance rain
I feel so connected with everything
Sad spoils my day..
And not in a good way..

The chat show Christess 
Is brought to you by..
Eye drops 
And I never used to be able to lick my eyes
                                                             like a lizard..

Friday, 23 March 2018

Memory Embryo

river weaving sound-waves scintillate
emerald tide lapping ripples roll
spectral mother of pearl piers laminate over
earthen pebbles veiled in petrol gauze
limpid lamps glint
the shellac grey
to a murmuring waxen gold..

limbal ring sun cheeky snowdrops lick
refuse boats hum
hushing engines cello
glass bottles topple
slivers crack slivers click
nit-wit birds hammer icy bubble ravines
lapping insouciant feathers
get pissed then lifting off hit a postbox
david attenborough was not there..

a rare milk-float mirage illuminates off-kilter glints
an ambulance of collective memory flutters
the blind-sided bridge levitates echoing
the drenching misted shrapnel ner-ner ner-ners..

a high-viz man yearns
his bingo numbers ransack a muddled amour plan
a carton of noodles steams nought and zero curlicues
the vapour trail of music weaves over a glancing siren..

around she runs
runs on by
his jogger of venus
so oblivious and so oblivious..
a fleeting dream stemmed
an emptiness empire sheer spills and spills
powder blue escapades/ and a failed circuit break..
                                                  i must not look 
                                                  i must not look
                                                  i must not look
          ahh too late now… too. late. now..
..he smiles..

mermaid anti-freeze lip-sip
blown mirrors tummy-tumble
leaves turn to themselves as they whisper
piano diminuendo ~
in this sunken treasure lie hills
but why this winter in spring
hamster tears splash the wondering wheels
lily pads breach the hourglass
two nuns run for the bus with tadpoles
this memory embryo runs for its easel
eye crayons dip
bloom orchids
the inside sun bequeaths the tenderest grasp
this painting without any frame..

Monday, 26 February 2018

Far Away In My Living Room When We Have Real 3d Television

far away in my living room
when we have real 3d television
will starving huddled children
project on our carpet
will they baffle pets
realistic in every way
until you run to the kitchen
to try to feed the visitors..

i will stand there
perhaps walk around them
in the middle of my living room
cup of tea in my hand
with magical goggles i will be able to reach
and touch them all
the gloves will have sensors
connected to my visor
the children won't be able to touch me
they will be floating..

if i am watching the real 3d news
and a building has just been hit by a fighter jet
and screaming people run towards the cameraman
if i keep my visor on
will they run into my living room
and as long as i don't take my helmet off
will they be safe
and if i do take my helmet off..

perhaps if i could just throw a first aid kit
through the screen
hey catch

but what if i am pulled through the screen
and trapped on the other side..

perhaps when real 3d television arrives
we can provide goggles and visors
for the children war refugees
so they can join in the fun
they can watch us watch them
run towards the cameraman
run through the camera lens
run to the viewer who has premium subscription..

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Crimewatch Verses Spartacus ~ Blame Russia

Pinstripe broker ~ ambulatory mantis
Darting eyes on pinging pavements swivel
Twi-twoo Mini Moog prancer
Golf club satyr legs bumble
Trout pincer knees pelvis dangle
Bungee-pimp shoes squish tadpoles..

Squeegee beep-beep prowler
Online kerb-crawler lurking shark 
With his mezzanine clicks of the mouse
reserves his preferred anti-septic boudoir ~ his parlour
Throws his service provider
A wristful of PayPal 
His low-hanging broiling payload
Frazzles and drizzles expectorating deposit tantra..

Later still..
The broken more liquid Millennial
Tamps away her perfume
Closes her cubicle door
To his discharged simian pheremones
Being a student nurse isn't easy
Now also a First World indulgence
Education Education Education..Moar Woar..

Sugar daddy caveman
Bounces down a stair
Like a Michelin Man of turnip monoxide
Our cosmic ride
Shall soon flip over to super-saturated magenta
Distant patter softly louder
Drumming clip-clops magnetise
Polar shift ever closer rolling rolling
All very B. DeMille
Timpani ratatat..atat
Icy breeze blocks descending
Like a thousand crashing lifts 
The parrot screams to bounce and echo
Clipping descending shafts of chirruping light..

I am Spartacus
Oh hang on officer
No I'm not
No but..he is.. he is..
Officer do I get a finder's fee
Like on Crimewatch
All their caring viewers were an inspiration
"Remember don't have nightmares
Spartacus will soon be dealt with
And there could be a cash reward.."
Why never a gift voucher
for the runners-up I always wondered..

'Twas tell-lie-vision programming
Method Acting masterclasses
For budding Crisis Actors' drills
The saucy noir rape reconstructions
Always in the best taste
Ratings never an issue revered
Broadcast only to keep us disgusted voyeurs safe..

The Moon Tannoy announces
The next bank crash will arrive shortly
And that's the thing about buses..
And we will keep you guessing
about the Project Bluebeam ETs
The Flash Gordon false flag..

Crow wings panel-beat prayer
High rise City open windows beckon
Al-fresco salsa-dips concrete dimples
Nemesis staycation
What does this installation
remind you of Abramovic
Oh Spirit Cooking..she might say..

Fleeting divers
Another human jettisons
Zero-hour sated for the flotsam broker
Fiat currency on your never never
Uri Geller on a bender..

The public school prepping
The head master spooning you over
The pig head rituals
The squaring circles
What was it all for
Did it all really mean nothing
except 33 9 11 22 7
And other money magic numbers..

However only his final three seconds
Passed before his eyes
And it was one of those times
When a lapsed atheist priest on stand-by
might have helped profoundly
Or at least a little..

The paramedic 
would have spared you some change
No one should die like this
Empathy is weird that way
I am whispering a prayer for you too
No offence..

As for the fire fighters
Grim jokes all round
They blast-spray 
the split packaged semi-organic graffiti
Readying the pavements
For another singularity bail out
Tarmac tresses
The fall of murals 
Squirt-friendly personkind aspartame..

Theresa May 
Have you pre-prepared
The blame the miners speech 
Stylised for the 2.0
"Enough is enough..again..
The unions..again.."
The old ones are the best
And the comedy so long-forgotten
it will seem almost shiny and new..

The real ETs will weep
As human bombs drop
Simon Cowell and the Rothschilds
Will they karaoke to cannibalism
And Oprah Winfrey must await
her weirdest stage ~ her Hillary moment
Won't it happen
We're only ever one war away 
from the next one
Keep blaming Russia
And the Great Reset might be upon us yet
Super easy
We can haggle rocks for Bitcoin..

And if we survive
In only a year or two from now I guess
Amazon will be parachuting
A.I. robots from drones
And we won't even look up
from our 5g visors
As the droids crash
on the parades about us
Our brains crossfired in the burgeoning Smart Cities
Fried zombie li-fi marines we'll be
Tripping over graphene limbo limbs
And it won't seem so strange..

And the indebted student 
Virtual real Manga chick
Will ingeniously market herself
As a genuine human 
for the more old-fashioned kind of guy
~  the more sensualist NHS employee patron
Holding more old-fashioned standards..

Friday, 26 January 2018

Two Minutes To Midnight

so it's two minutes to midnight
two minutes to the final ding-dong
get your papers in order
make sure you fill in your leave form..

so it's two minutes to midnight
now is a fabulous time to start smoking again
will the world dive to into a fantasy fuck-fest
or will many people gas themselves in garden sheds..

so it's two minutes to midnight
which album will you put on
whose lips will kiss yours into the everlasting
and if you are on your own
don't worry
we all are..

so it's two minutes to midnight
before the snowy-peaked mountains fall
and the beautiful birds all 
stop singing
because they will sense and know..

so it's two minutes to midnight
the final fear-porn storm
theist polytheist animist or atheist
how will aliens report on this 
i'd love to know..

so it's two minutes to midnight
what a wonderful mess we have made
will god follow our instruction
to save the queen
as we are stroked by the drowning waves..

Friday, 19 January 2018

Planet Of The Vapes

i had to step off the beaten path
for pavements less travelled
energy can in my hand
revitalised i felt like a man
a man..clutching an energy can in his hand..

stopped dead in my tracks i was
tenderly floored
self-intoxicated aromas punch-drunk themselves a blizzard 
not a little bewildering 
brimming olfactory slam-dunk explosions 
from wither they emanated i did not know
but i had to know
my freewill had no choice
now there's a subject for a rush lyric......

welly-drenching bouquets flower-burst
bamboozy sky honeycombs descended
my resolve snaggle-toothed-dapper
my mind so shot
emanations overwhelmed 

canopied trees and dewy grass 
ad-mixed with nightclub palm trees 
in the city such a gonzo rainforest fell
and yes before you ask
mermaids dropping sillage petal bombs
from their crystal motherships no match for this
this fragrantic mystery 
the steel and glass mazes peeled 
a peeling off spring-vivified atlantean city..

the scents reminded me of an indian bizarre
coriander mint pepper and garlands and bay leaves
minus the cow dung
and over-generous lashings of silken diesel spillage
curlicues weaved me hypnotised 
around the laptop mavens stalagmites
lemonese aniseed cucumbery mustard
that inimitable lemonese aniseed cucumbery mustard..

i circled pavements transfusing vertigo
squirting their arteries upper-cut piss infusions
about to give up hope
and there and then i stumbled upon  
some men and some women
it was them beings all binary
standing outside a fire exit
an unclasped necklace cocoon 
of marble glimmering-swirl eyes
lethargic yet proud
defeated yet paradoxically unbowed
my thoughts were swimming such blistering nonsensicals..

meekly i stepped closer to the gaggle
a benign throng of thousand mile star gazers 
              bevelled neatly betwixt wheelie bins
they each held steaming contraptions electronic
bottle green moss smoke weaved around haloing hair
as blue as ghosts
they breathed in flickering neon light tubes
they blew iridescent pastel clouds 
steam-scents bellowed parisian eau de dragons
snorkel smoke-signal buddhas 
prophets from an incense powered spaceship..
yes and yes again
this is what i needed to witness
lift me up..lift me up..
wage slave dreamer talking to buttercups
and more importantly they back to me..

after some minutes the beings wandered back inside
and unnoticed by the bowed electronic cowl androids
the office building lifted off into space
and i felt so blessed as I wandered away...

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Happy New Year!?

january sales eat beached whales
margarine underwear on special offer..

this year won't be like any year
it will barely seem like anything
we can talk about it next december
in time for the christmas sales..
Q Clearance clearance..
it's on the web it must be true..

the christmas office party man
he threw up on her shoes
now by the tea-point
his cock a dowsing rod in the antarctic
will it discover the ancient cities down there
flash frozen
refugees from the tiamat moon wars..

as i walked into a revolving door
i made my resolution
delete all the spam in your folders
and..for just this once do something productive..

i was grim and ready
back home i put on the black mirror
iran is next
another celebrity announces
men will soon give birth
the timing all too perfect..

the subject lines of my spam mail 2018
      Beat of the defeat? The fiancee will approbate it!
            Overworked of the failures? The bride will appreciate this!
      Ogston Rskin Severe unknown infections can be traaeted only with a comml:
      Tobias Farmer propounded this to figure out disagreements on cubicle!!!
Discount now!

Appease your yokefellow
Discount Now!
    Earn thousands trading on Bitcoins
    What don't you know about your penisis?
     I am ready to give hot sex on christmases
     Save 40 percent!

Our firm have urge instill a keen initiate medicaments!!
Earn thousands trading on Bitcoins

i turn to the black mirror
iran still in the distraction cross-hairs
operation ajax all over again..
some things never change..

           You were invited to a confrence of small penises!
           I have seen your photo i luv u..
who said romance was dead..

Saturday, 18 November 2017

A Fistful Of Beautiful Memories Turn Me To Dust

The galaxy of the heart also pierces

on beautiful memories..

Pipette starlight buds open
Atemporal filaments spark and flower
Rekindle the There-Here Duality Mrs
Time's double-slit ricochet tickles
the visitation re-flash miraculous 
         often disconcerting ~ thus vanquished
The swerving memory lens 
swivels one-eighty
and simultaneously back

Vivified replays ~ looping lava reels
In through out..out through in..
An entangled time displaced unity
The mosaic slivering elements 
swim the The Remembrance Palace Lake
The double-helix dancer silhouettes
snow-stark kisses ~ her Venus lips..

There the silken spinning event horizon 
weaves time's curve eclipse
The goldfish bowl is a strange fish
Your non-local self constellation
so much more than only a machine
A sun tsunami
A bringer of origami gifts
Sender to receiver
Sender to sender
Receiver to receiver ~
Beautiful memories..

Rearranged revived
Images as delicate as a Ming vase
Lit dust alchemises
Waves of fleeting nights magnetise
Ripple out through Inner Space Time
Love joy meaning transcendence
inform the present absence
Octaves flow as earthshine 
the softest heat-seeking missiles
Switch-blade whirlpools glisten..

A fistful of beautiful memories
Turn me to dust ~ again
A fistful of astonished hot stones
the desert sand vitrifies
Glass slithering snakes
shape-shift within the petrified ruins..

So I spread out my palm
And the butterfly reappears
Flutters and shimmers and lifts
in all its delicate dance
Translucent gifts balance
Shimmering the electric blue field
Time-slips float down drifting spirals..

The circling butterfly
The wings so delicate
Wings like silver sheen opalesces
Born only when gone glowing
Touching the hem of the heavens
The parchment span fluttering
Hair-triggers the monsoon
The moon bursts open the magnets..

Beautiful memories 
Are too much sometimes ~ a flood..

In the torrential downpour
I remember to stretch out my palm
So I stretch out my palm
The butterfly lands
                               to lift me away...