Friday, 19 January 2018

Planet Of The Vapes

i had to step off the beaten path
for pavements less travelled
energy can in my hand
revitalised i felt like a man
a man..clutching an energy can in his hand..

stopped dead in my tracks i was
tenderly floored
self-intoxicated aromas punch-drunk themselves a blizzard 
not a little bewildering 
brimming olfactory slam-dunk explosions 
from wither they emanated i did not know
but i had to know
my freewill had no choice
now there's a subject for a rush lyric......

welly-drenching bouquets flower-burst
bamboozy sky honeycombs descended
my resolve snaggle-toothed-dapper
my mind so shot
emanations overwhelmed 

canopied trees and dewy grass 
ad-mixed with nightclub palm trees 
in the city such a gonzo rainforest fell
and yes before you ask
mermaids dropping sillage petal bombs
from their crystal motherships no match for this
this fragrantic mystery 
the steel and glass mazes peeled 
a peeling off spring-vivified atlantean city..

the scents reminded me of an indian bizarre
coriander mint pepper and garlands and bay leaves
minus the cow dung
and over-generous lashings of silken diesel spillage
curlicues weaved me hypnotised 
around the laptop mavens stalagmites
lemonese aniseed cucumbery mustard
that inimitable lemonese aniseed cucumbery mustard..

i circled pavements transfusing vertigo
squirting their arteries upper-cut piss infusions
about to give up hope
and there and then i stumbled upon  
some men and some women
it was them beings all binary
standing outside a fire exit
an unclasped necklace cocoon 
of marble glimmering-swirl eyes
lethargic yet proud
defeated yet paradoxically unbowed
my thoughts were swimming such blistering nonsensicals..

meekly i stepped closer to the gaggle
a benign throng of thousand mile star gazers 
              bevelled neatly betwixt wheelie bins
they each held steaming contraptions electronic
bottle green moss smoke weaved around haloing hair
as blue as ghosts
they breathed in flickering neon light tubes
they blew iridescent pastel clouds 
steam-scents bellowed parisian eau de dragons
snorkel smoke-signal buddhas 
prophets from an incense powered spaceship..
yes and yes again
this is what i needed to witness
lift me up..lift me up..
wage slave dreamer talking to buttercups
and more importantly they back to me..

after some minutes the beings wandered back inside
and unnoticed by the bowed electronic cowl androids
the office building lifted off into space
and i felt so blessed as I wandered away...

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Happy New Year!?

january sales eat beached whales
margarine underwear on special offer..

this year won't be like any year
it will barely seem like anything
we can talk about it next december
in time for the christmas sales..
Q Clearance clearance..
it's on the web it must be true..

the christmas office party man
he threw up on her shoes
now by the tea-point
his cock a dowsing rod in the antarctic
will it discover the ancient cities down there
flash frozen
refugees from the tiamat moon wars..

as i walked into a revolving door
i made my resolution
delete all the spam in your folders
and..for just this once do something productive..

i was grim and ready
back home i put on the black mirror
iran is next
another celebrity announces
men will soon give birth
the timing all too perfect..

the subject lines of my spam mail 2018
      Beat of the defeat? The fiancee will approbate it!
            Overworked of the failures? The bride will appreciate this!
      Ogston Rskin Severe unknown infections can be traaeted only with a comml:
      Tobias Farmer propounded this to figure out disagreements on cubicle!!!
Discount now!

Appease your yokefellow
Discount Now!
    Earn thousands trading on Bitcoins
    What don't you know about your penisis?
     I am ready to give hot sex on christmases
     Save 40 percent!

Our firm have urge instill a keen initiate medicaments!!
Earn thousands trading on Bitcoins

i turn to the black mirror
iran still in the distraction cross-hairs
operation ajax all over again..
some things never change..

           You were invited to a confrence of small penises!
           I have seen your photo i luv u..
who said romance was dead..

Saturday, 18 November 2017

A Fistful Of Beautiful Memories Turn Me To Dust

The galaxy of the heart also pierces

on beautiful memories..

Pipette starlight buds open
Atemporal filaments spark and flower
Rekindle the There-Here Duality Mrs
Time's double-slit ricochet tickles
the visitation re-flash miraculous 
         often disconcerting ~ thus vanquished
The swerving memory lens 
swivels one-eighty
and simultaneously back

Vivified replays ~ looping lava reels
In through out..out through in..
An entangled time displaced unity
The mosaic slivering elements 
swim the The Remembrance Palace Lake
The double-helix dancer silhouettes
snow-stark kisses ~ her Venus lips..

There the silken spinning event horizon 
weaves time's curve eclipse
The goldfish bowl is a strange fish
Your non-local self constellation
so much more than only a machine
A sun tsunami
A bringer of origami gifts
Sender to receiver
Sender to sender
Receiver to receiver ~
Beautiful memories..

Rearranged revived
Images as delicate as a Ming vase
Lit dust alchemises
Waves of fleeting nights magnetise
Ripple out through Inner Space Time
Love joy meaning transcendence
inform the present absence
Octaves flow as earthshine 
the softest heat-seeking missiles
Switch-blade whirlpools glisten..

A fistful of beautiful memories
Turn me to dust ~ again
A fistful of astonished hot stones
the desert sand vitrifies
Glass slithering snakes
shape-shift within the petrified ruins..

So I spread out my palm
And the butterfly reappears
Flutters and shimmers and lifts
in all its delicate dance
Translucent gifts balance
Shimmering the electric blue field
Time-slips float down drifting spirals..

The circling butterfly
The wings so delicate
Wings like silver sheen opalesces
Born only when gone glowing
Touching the hem of the heavens
The parchment span fluttering
Hair-triggers the monsoon
The moon bursts open the magnets..

Beautiful memories 
Are too much sometimes ~ a flood..

In the torrential downpour
I remember to stretch out my palm
So I stretch out my palm
The butterfly lands
                               to lift me away...

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Afterimages In Space

A once-of-man absorbed subtle beams above
Igniting his ashen hollowed eyes..

Through box and garden centre granite stones he rose
As strained muffled sobs washed over his evanescence..

Alighting on tipped damp leaf air
Her sobs so elemental hushed his silence..

By the gravestone she wept an ingress bereft
She placed new flowers whispering..

His etheric self floated closer
A translucence of bubbles brushing blown..

Who is she..reanimated memories wracked
Her words flit soft stems elusive..

A squirrel stared fallen leaves drip-tapped
the woman tender confiding..

Her perfume scent the colour mauve
She entwined her candle flame his pane physique..

She glanced through his fractal frost dissolves
..and who is she..crying..for me..

She shall visit every now and again
Spilling afterimages over a well of mist..

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Telepathic Parrots Can Read Your Dreams

Split seconds dither atom-filled worlds
Atom-less in Dream
Gravity-sanctions tethers snap
Your lily pad helipad rotors snoring
Rapid eye movements swivel 360
Lifted elevations sizzle mystery..

And the moon slips off a cactus
Water-falling pineal mescaline
The lunar rivers dance and shimmer
Glittering golden galleons dive the craters
Loving couples' sky canoes
kiss anew
the vast raven canopy iridescence..

The wafting lemon-heavenly ice cream trees
The curious flitting still-life gazelles
The mermaid throes ram-raid
the wishing hole rabbit wells
What kind of a person
Would blissfully thrive on a moon as this
Well might I suggest
Such a locale
Should warm the cockles 
of anyone's jim-jams..

Naked from the forehead up
Saffron cornfields flip you
'neath cool cotton bed-sheets
Your magic carpet flings you
Songbirds perch twinkling 
Chirrup fantastical yo-yo meaning
The gleaners alight the force-field
Space skiing saucer surf chicks saucy..

Slow and riven ripples parallel rippling
Surf your noggin-skimming stone
Where dreams trip hours stellar 
Aeons spin in teardrop pipettes
Diphthong Mastodons jump the shark
Subterranean play-forms quaff the dark
So flit again against earth's grain
Between the timeless tick-tock..

A sublime mindlessness Zzzzz
What joy
Your punch card clock
You snooze button panther
Your once argumentative cock
Or you gentle ladies' you-know-what
Once of anciently always ready to rumble
You won't need your passport..

To seem
Threads needle your third eye
Looping though your other two
Venusian ice cream vans ding-dong true
Timbuktu xylophones tinkle didgeridoo
Telepathic parrots can read your dreams
Sip your gottle of gear
All night long
Gently watch over you
From another room
So taste the colours
See the sounds
It's all true
It's all true
It's you..

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The Noise You Make

the human resources director
revising and updating
the dignity at work policy
wouldn't notice the cleaner standing beside her
well why would she
the cleaner..a cleaner 
a cleaner..a phantom
a collection of molecules and atoms of falling sand
the cleaner a quark..

and the cleaner waited
the human resources director 
eventually directed her gaze
at the cleaner's pelvis
gifting the cleaner's pelvis her cup
the cleaner no longer shocked or embarrassed
..i only need your recycling paper sorry
may i have your used paper please.. 
and at that the human resources director
morphed a sink hole concave face
it might have been the cleaner's soft lilting accent
or was it the deep ask to mull 
finally the human resources director 
sonically sighed her cup back onto her desk
then lifted her sidewinder eye
two feet to the right of the cleaner
to some empty shelves 
suggesting to some empty shelves
you can do it later..can't you..
sing-song autotuned upward inflection
she's got the air miles
and with that the human resources director
returned to updating the dignity at work policy
while the cleaner..

the tea point had been cleaned
the cups and cutlery emptied wiped and dried
the worktop wiped 
then lightly polished to an admirable gleam
the green orange black and blue steel bins emptied
the dumped half-chewed under-utilised food 
the congealing consistency and look of freeze-dried puke
carefully tipped from the used food collector tub
into a used food disposable heavy-duty bin liner
to be picked up later
by one of her colleagues
traversing the orbits
with the big and battered blue trolley
the goods lift rodeo the bends its vertical horizon..

new j-cloth folded neatly over the mix-taps
the cleaner stood back
to survey all the tea point zone
finally after wiping down an invisible mark
she gave the all-good nod 
all sparkled..

floating over
a daffodil sculpted by the fists of moloch
a human resources assistant
tipped a half-full plate 
of microwaved organic fair trade slop
with herbal tea bag used condom
still swimming inside the mug
the spoon and fork 
fell rattling in the sink
a knife
so the cleaner..

the cleaner cleans the toilets
the staff forget to flush sometimes
jackson pollock art work piss-sprayed 
around beneath the splashed dripping urinals
scrunched used paper towels 
disposed of on the floor tiles
such busy administrators
so the cleaner..

the cleaner 
vacuumed all the human resources area
all the area
except that bit
because the human resources director
asked if my bit could be vacuumed later
because the human resources director busy..see
..need to's important
hate to say this..
it's the noise you make..

so the cleaner had to pick up the crumbs 
all the paper-punched snowflakes
and the used staples 
some like needles 
with her hand
some were stuck to the carpet
so ever so quietly she used the brush
delicate strokes of a painter..

and as the cleaner placed all the bits
in the polythene bag
the polythene bag rustled a little
and the polythene bag shouldn't have done that
and the human resources director
turned around..
and the cleaner..

a couple of days ago 
the cleaner 
hiding within one of the fire exit stairwells
was discovered crying
and the human resources director 
asked the cleaning supervisor
to comprehensively address the issue eh-ess-eh-pee
so the cleaning supervisor spoke with the cleaner
and asked the cleaner right away if she was okay
and right in front of the human resources director too
and the human resources director 
shook her head
no i didn't mean it that way..but hey..
so in what way did you mean asked the supervisor
and the cleaner had to turn away
so as the human resources director
could not catch her little smile
one little victory..

the end of the shift
the cleaner changed back into civvy gear
the human resources director
didn't meet her in the lift
no acknowledgment was merited
the ghost-face mentor
can't ever do cleaners' bodies-to-faces 
never mind names on lanyard display..
so the cleaner..escaped first
cheered hello to the security guard
he grinned a hello back 
they cracked a delicious secret smile
a beat..a silence..
and the human resources director 
could not help but wonder
whether the telepathy she just witnessed
was a disguised micro-aggression directed against her..

the cleaner wished the security guard a nice weekend
and if you can't be good be careful she teased
he winked back
and away she flitted to the bus stop
Veronica pulled out her mobile
and sent a smiley face to..everyone everywhere
while the human resources director...

Sunday, 16 July 2017

And The Heretics Weep

Dark mirror dragon-kings black swans
Your shadows lick the mural beam
Bathe most caves and cloak the flame..

The Magi of Pipers
The spell casters' prescience
Incantatory grand designs murmur..

Nothing of More in three in two in one..
The chambers echo canned echoes
Grim shepherds whistle and tails wag dogs..

The heretics weep..
They have peeked at the Illumined masters
And their stark pyro source material..

The bewitching flame
the moths mark themselves
The limpid amber swims up liminal..

And the heretics weep..

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Heroically Manfully Ethically Theosophically Pot Noodle

Wandering the laptop aisles

A customer service suffragette enquired
MayIhelpyou One phrase    as     OneWord
What kind of laptop are you looking for..

One that is for poets I stated
Startled she backed away and glanced up at a security camera
I will leave you alone she replied a little hurt
Sorry to have bothered you
Oh no it's okay I reassured
There probably isn't any such thing anyway..honestly..

She stop-gazed
So..may I help you with anything else..

Go on..she encouraged
Would you help me..uh..
with some of the..
..shame and guilt I feel..
I feel utterly bewildered....defeated
And I'm so spiritually sluggish
And I still don't know what to do with my life
And I still don't know what to do with my previous lives..

Oh that! she waved an arm dismissively
So you're not a real professional poet

You don't earn from it..


After another pause
Lilted such a life-affirming flat-line rainbow Mona Lisa smile
You don't need a laptop then do you 
You can just use your....hand..

Yeah I'll do that..

Time for a commercial break 

I'll see you on the other side..


I wandered the shopping centre
As the cosmogryal wandering shopping centre
collapsed my annihilation of self around itself
Shopping centres walk with our legs

  Fukushima dream-landscapes hammer blizzard miles     

No me neither

I have no idea what I meant there
It's a poem
Or is it..

Standing there walking here standing there
I thought she reminded me of  an ex who dumped me

after catching me looking confused
while grappling heroically manfully ethically theosphically even
with the cooking instructions on a Pot Noodle

Although to be fair to her
I also once blew up her organic strawberry blancmange
by placing it on defrost in the microwave
And to make matters worse
when the blancmange exploded I didn't notice
Because I was listening on headphones full blast
to a tune similar to the one below
I was wearing her chiffon dressing gown too
Although that bit's not important..
Or is it..

She tasered me in the head with her earthed dildo
And as I stirred conscious on a boat
She threw me into the river
And when the River Police rescued me
and dumped me on the shore in front of her
as I choked up shells and a mermaid's necklace
She tutted

 She tutted and sighed
all folded arms she was
the ultimate in weaponised female body-language form
Is this why I pay my taxes she frowned..

Yes the customer service suffragette reminds me of her
So in other words I think I'm in love..

Happy ending

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Now That's What I Call War On Terror Music (Volumes 22-33)

Let's go
Put out for bunny ears
Fire up the hugs the tears
Book the stadium
Shout luv ya
We won't give in
Then sing your song
About being fucked so hard
you can't walk
to screaming eight-year-old children
                         eight-year-old children..
Earnest gurning saplings
And remember
Never give in to terrorism..

Beta kittens with floppy ears
Warm the cockles
Intern clicks of fear
Roll out dappled stock heroes
We always need those
Feel the tingles
From your head to your toes
Another hashtag
Virtue signal
infantilising palliative antidote
Don't be a spoil-sport
Stoke the rolling Cope Machine
Groin marine positivity please..

Triffidal flowers drop-ship macramé hands
Autotune tears align
Never allow a good crisis to go to waste
The limo engine purring discreetly

Candle in the Wind ditties
And as we bomb Libya
Ariana Grande/A Grande Arena
Dangerous Woman
Would you spare one song for Tripoli
Or Baghdad
Hillary sing for Benghazi
Or at least walrus a missing person's appeal
Has anyone seen Eric Braverman
Whisper a lament for Seth Rich's arkancide
Cry like you mean it..

If you can't manage a song
Could you spare a middle eight
Or a chorus
Or the last few seconds to fade
Or spare the virtual hole in the middle of an mp3..

Saint Theresa
Cut another deal with Saudi
Then frolic through wheat fields
Feel naughty waving pyramid quids
Clutch for dear life
your chocker necklace
Skull and Bones
And a pint of squid
A delicate balance
A delicate balance..

Spare one lullaby for the Yemeni Houthis
Or the White Helmets' beheaded
Let's have a minute's silence
For any friendly fire incident
On any given Friday
A wedding
A funeral
Another bombed hospital
All for our children their kids are goats..

Teflon empaths..
If you can't manage a silent minute
How about a few seconds
Even if only inside your head
You can carry on talking if time-poor
'tis the thought that counts..

And a silent word with your intelligences
The assets flip
Get hip to the bait and switch
What a Watch List
Battalions of Mr al-Baghdadi Batmans
Legacy phantoms
Now available in cans
In-Extremis Man
The new fragrance for the edgy man
Slipped under the radar

Slap on a ribbon
This one is for our children
Beta sex kitten bunny ears
Monarch sired seer
Crisis management goes hot
Alice in Wonderland
White Rabbit
Slytherin 6
Chess board alter
One Love massive attack
Harry Potter cannibals
Presstitute managers
An ex-prime minister exhibits his shed
Glistening various shades of bone ash..

And the flowers
Sentiments waxed flex fitter
Soundbite Molotov ziggurat
reflect flitting moondogs..

Flames of electronic candles
Click off
To save power
As a lamp post light flickers on
mistaken for the sun..

Beneath the nuisance rain
the parched memorial
The shrink-inked words
Some heartfelt
Frightened numbed
Blur into Rorschach tests..

The wrapping can be recycled
The flowers churned to compost
The sentiments monetised to numbness
Celebrity cash cow tweets
One Love
Hand in glove
The War on Terror love train

The entertainer shouts luv ya
So you shout luv ya
She wants to know
If you are alright
    even the ones at the back..
She wants you to feel better now
She felt your pain
She felt your pain..

A community of atoms fuses together
For a few hours more
Then everything shall return
to the way it was before..
                  ...luv ya..see ya..

Please close the door behind ya
And exit..
                stage left..

The concessionary stalls are outside..

Monday, 22 May 2017

The Welcome Party

A celebrity
Takes a selfie
With her photographer
Who takes photos of her
             taking her selfie..

Her summer scene perhaps green screen
Lead-lining her possibly CGI body..
She might be real..

The photographer frames her
into selfie artifact
Her tether form
Her ether quintessence
             slips on this new force field
                       fans the siphoning blizzard
And everywhere
Songs of sirens echo
Ringing theremins...

I shall float on a broken window
Imagine how we might look through there
My longboat of mud and broken window
With a broken window sail
Let us fare
Through seas of ether we seek..

And many children as adult children
Dance and fuse with the mirrored shellac
As reflected phantoms swoop and glide
They sail down..

And plenty keep watch from the shoreline
The welcome party
So the cargo cult know they have arrived
Propelling the new myth-dream
Fit for Purpose
The broken window looking-glass gaze
Has it ever shone so fair..

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Asteroid Haiku

i did what i did,
whatever that was
tracks, times, sleep, light, things..

**    *       ******     *      ***      *

you have two messages

..wonder how old is that tree..

that cloud
i am sure
it has been that exact shape
somewhere else before.. you haven't submitted that form yet..

she always looks angry
she drinks truck loads of camomile tea

[god cannot find itself anywhere on google maps
although monetised..]

i saw a nun with an iphone
although not the latest model..

hi..yeah. i said
submit the form
or you lose those expenses
yeah cheers..

what the heck is that up there
it really seems to be getting closer..

did i switch off the cooker..

**   *        ******     *      ***      *

i did what i did, 
whatever that was
tracks, times, sleep, light, things..

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

It Was Similar To The Resurrection Oh But Not The Same

it was similar to the resurrection
oh but not the same..

i overheard a mother qualify and explain
something about their
miraculously risen cat..

the mother zoned-in on my baffled expression snagged
and within her reflection she gently flung 
she culled and hulled and duffed my air
then away into the supermarket she burned
her piety affronted 
and there morphed aglow 
an angry mumsnet phantom
i her uninvited shock-absorbing defibrillator..

sunk manlessly skittering
i careered into another supermarket
i thought it would be best
i slipped as sloth 
on my dropped pavement gaze deflected
an unappealing squirm of tangled beam
a blinking bevelled-edge bonanza
of furrowed dots and dashes

rolling caterpillar eyebrows gone awol..

this street tableaux
a beached rolling wave unfurled
an unabsolved crashing space cadet
as marble-eyed magi liquidised cash-back
a blown-shrunk tumble-weed unredeemable consumer-human
hosed down to my melted meme aspect
a microwaved picasso meaning-gleaner
i retreated 
bleeping 'neath a belisha beacon..

my mind wasn't looking its best
in other words
still digesting
such an upper-cut curve 
of gnomic intervention
and worse 
caught mangled in the musing act
higher moggy theosophy 
obviously above my calling
above my resonating aura
no hope for esoteric cognisance
for epiphany no gears..

it was similar to the resurrection
oh but not the same..

burgled soul burger-flipped
the spaceman budgerigar
you don't want fries with that..
please re-corkscrew should you receive..

it was similar to the resurrection
oh but not the same..

so what kind of moggy is this
does it perform miracles
or does it deign only to sit there
testing the new faithful 
the old messianic 101 way..

okay so
it was similarly resurrected
but not the same..
so what were the key differences
i wondered
as alien long-life noodle aisles 
wandering unravelling
a knitting ball would never ponder me..

it was similarly resurrected 
oh but not the same..

was the fluffy one crucified
..should i call the rspca..
         ..oh but perhaps It has forgiven them..
with no device for non-divine intervention
i resolved i must know my place
sadly one of the heathen brethren..

i looked but could not find
the cat food
which is okay
for i have not a cat
and yet of the holy moggy
i confess i still yearn to believe
that some myths 
must be more than mere mythology
for the gentle purring 
and laying of paws
this cruel world well and truly needs..